Why is the Magazine 360° relevant

The Magazine 360° provides a unique lens in which to capture magazine media audience touchpoints.

How is the Magazine 360° calculated

Magazine 360° uses data from leading third-party providers.

Compulsory MPA Membership for Participating Publishers

To participate in the Magazine 360° the publisher must be a financial member of the Magazine Publishers Association of New Zealand (MPA)


Abide by the Rules of the MPA

MPA members must agree to follow the rules of the MPA as set out in the Rules of the Magazine Publishers Association of New Zealand Incorporated. You can read the MPA rules here.


Meet Magazine 360° Measurement Criteria


Magazine 360° Metrics

The Magazine 360° will only accept magazine brand metrics if they conform to the MPA specified methodology and approved source per metric criteria as laid out in Metrics. See Magazine 360° Metrics here.


Follow Magazine 360° Data Input and Validation Protocols

Participating publishers self-report their monthly Magazine 360° figures using the following process


  1. Secure publisher login and data entry

Publishers update their Magazine 360° figures monthly using a unique publisher login to unique data upload page.

Once data submitted to the MPA, the publisher is unable to edit their data.

The MPA has the authority to correct publisher data once submitted if deemed appropriate and in consultation with the publisher.


  1. For the launch of the Magazine 360° or if a magazine brand is participating for the first time, all metrics must be supplied to the MPA with supporting documentation (screen shots of report) for three months to ensure all metrics are being reported using the correct methodology.
  1. MPA validates publisher monthly data prior to the publishing to Magazine 360°
  1. The MPA can request supporting documentation from publishers at any time to validate self-reported claims.
  1. The MPA will randomly audit 10% of our participating magazine brands per month requiring reporting screenshots to validate data.




Magazine 360° Challenge Process

The MPA has developed a challenge process allowing publishers figures to be challenged by other publishers/industry stakeholders through a disputes resolution process managed by the MPA.

  • If the challenge process is activated, the Publisher who is being challenged has seven working days to supply documented proof supporting the reported data.
  • If the Magazine 360° submitted data is proved to be incorrect, the publisher data will be removed from the Magazine 360° until correct data can be verified. The publisher would then be required to supply the MPA with supporting documentation for three months in line with the new magazine brand validation protocol


Monthly Data Collection

With the objective of providing the latest magazine audience touchpoint data, magazine brands are required to update and input their Magazine 360° data monthly.

If a magazine brand fails to report current month data, the following process occurs.

  • The Magazine 360° will indicate(flag) by brand when the data was last updated, by metric.
  • If a brand fails to provide data for more than three months, the Magazine brand or brand metric will be removed from the Magazine 360°.


Magazine 360° Monthly Updates

The Magazine 360° will be updated monthly and published on the 20th of the month following or the first Monday after this if the 20th falls on a weekend or public holiday. i.e. March data is published on the Magazine 360° website in April.


Use of Magazine 360° Data

One of the objectives of the Magazine 360° is to provide access to information in a user-friendly format in keeping with user preferences.

The Magazine 360° allows users to view and download monthly topline summaries by Total Magazine 360°, publisher, brand, category, and frequency using the following formats.

  • Dashboard
  • Spreadsheet
  • PowerPoint
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • Copy link


Magazine 360° Data Terms & Conditions

The Magazine 360° audience measure is open to be used by anyone on the following basis

  • The Magazine 360° is always sourced when used, referencing publication date.
  • The most current data is used