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Last Updated: 4/05/2017 5:25:42 PM

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About Healthy Life Media

Healthy Life Media Ltd is a privately owned publishing company, founded in 2004.

The aim and purpose of the company is to provide relevant, useful and credible information to consumers wanting to live healthier lives and live in a healthier environment. It does this via its various brands and media properties.

Healthy Life Media began publishing Healthy Food Guide magazine in early 2005. This multi-award winning title has become the premier magazine in its category within New Zealand, and is now also published under license in Australia and the UK, with syndications completed in Holland and Greece.

Healthy Food Guide has several integrated brand extensions including, digital, television and event offerings. In particular the healthy food ideas television commercials and the nationwide Gluten Free Food & Allergy Shows are in high demand.

Green Ideas magazine – is a consumers' guide to living a more sustainable life which Healthy Life Media began publishing in 2012 and is breaking new ground in helping consumers care for the environment.

Health TV – provides a dedicated health television channel to various medical centres and hospital waiting rooms. It was acquired by Healthy Life Media in 2014.

Healthy Life Media offers integrated multi-platform media packages to highly engaged audiences across digital, print, television, event and radio platforms.

The staff at Healthy Life Media are a dedicated tight-knit team of professionals with many years' experience across most media sectors and platforms. We are passionate about helping consumers with useful practical information and are constantly trying to get even better at what we do.

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