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Last Updated: 23/05/2017 4:27:08 PM

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About NZ Fishing Media

NZ Fishing News is the largest circulating recreational fishing magazine in Australasia. The magazine brings to its readers the latest in angling news, techniques, technology and locations for land-based and boating anglers interested in fresh and saltwater fishing...

Extensive space is also dedicated to boats suitable for fishing and all their accessories.

Keen anglers and newbies will find plenty of informative articles from freshwater fishing for trout through to big game fishing for marlin, tuna and broadbill.

NZ Fishing News magazine is owned by NZ Fishing Media Ltd along with the largest on-line fishing and marine website, With New Zealand’s most experienced fishing journalists on our team we'll bring you, tackle and boat tests, feature articles on various angling disciplines along with current news and political issues every month.

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