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Don’t think about what is changing; think about what will remain the same.

That’s the message from Dennis Wilson, who changed jobs a few months back after six years analyzing publishing trends as a content director for Publishing Executive Insight in the US. At the MPA we reckon it’s a message worth repeating. 

In these times of drastic change, you can’t blame publishers for questioning their very identity and purpose here on earth, Wilson says in a farewell editorial.  

“But let’s be clear, much has remained the same. That’s because this industry, like many industries, is driven by human behavior – and human behavior doesn’t change very much from year to year, decade to decade, or even century to century. Despite all the technology that has supposedly disrupted our world, human behavior is still driven by a handful of core needs.


“Food, shelter, love, enlightenment and pleasure.

“Gathering information about how to pursue these needs will never go out of fashion. …

“People will forever have a thirst for reliable information that they can use to guide themselves toward more enjoyable and fruitful personal and professional endeavours.” 


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