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Stuff is a collection of digital-first products and services that connect Kiwi communities to the stuff that matters, the stuff they love and each other. With storytelling at the heart of Stuff, the company is leveraging its audience scale to diversify into new categories and revenue streams, ensuring it can continue to deliver quality local journalism that Kiwis look for every day. Visit to see a full portfolio of brands - including Stuff, Sunday Star-Times, Neighbourly, Done Health Insurance, energyclubnz, Stuff Fibre, Stuff Pix, NZ House & Garden, NZ Gardener and TV Guide, as well as a huge range of regional and community newspapers and events.

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Data Sources: Nielsen CMI, Audit Bureau Circulation, Google Analytics, social media platform data and publisher's own data. Digital and Social metrics may be used for multiple titles in their individual brand 360°s but will only be used once when calculating the Total 360°. Please refer to the treatment of digital hubs in the metrics.

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