Magazine 360° Metrics

Print metrics

To enable Magazine 360° to capture the diversity of New Zealand magazine brands, Magazine 360° accepts one of the two approved/verified print measures.

  • Nielsen CMI Readership (AIR)


  • ABC Circulation (ANC)/Magazine 360° Circulation (from June 18 2020).  

Why circulation?

For many smaller trade, niche or regional brands, the readership measure doesn’t capture readership due to sample size limitations, hence the Magazine 360° has traditionally adopted ABC Circulation for non-subscribing readership titles. However from June 2020, the ABC measure will be replaced by the new circulation measure, Magazine 360° Circulation, hosted on this site. This measure is based on figures supplied by the publisher and audited by the Magazine Publishers Association. 

What happens if a Brand has both Nielsen Readership (AIR) and a circulation measurement?

If a title has both a readership and circulation measures, readership takes priority and is used to calculated the print component of Magazine 360°.

What happens if a magazine has no Nielsen CMI Readership (AIR) or circulation measurement?

Titles that have no Nielsen CMI Readership or circulation measurement are not able to submit a print measure in Magazine 360°. This does not prevent them from being part of Magazine 360° as a digital only brand.


Print 360°

The Print 360° uses either readership or circulation and is used as the print number when calculating the Magazine 360°

Please note that the total readership and circulation number of all participating titles are displayed on the Magazine 360° dashboard with the previous period variance, however only the Print 360° is used in the calculation of the Magazine 360°

Print Measure

Readership (AIR)

Average Issue Readership per title for the last 12 months


Average Issue Readership (AIR) for the stated readership period, of any copy of a publication, read anywhere for one minutes or more, within the publication’s issue period.


MPA Approved Source


Nielsen CMI Readership (AIR)




Readership data is released Quarterly (with the oldest quarter of data being replaced by the most recent quarter of data to provide a new Readership (AIR) for the specified rolling 12 months. 


Rolling 12 month quarters:

Q1: 1st April – 31st March

Q2: 1st July – 30th June

Q3: 1st October – 30th September

Q4: 1st January – 31st December


Geographic filter: New Zealand




Magazine 360° Circulation 

Average circulation per title for the stated circulation period



Magazine 360° Circulation  is calculated by subtracting copies that are not distributed to an audience from the total printed, according to the formula below. 

Magazine 360 Circulation is equal to:

Quantity Printed (Verification Printers Invoice)

Less overseas circulation (copies going to retail and subs)

Less unsold Retail copies (Verification Ovato Statement eg: estimates or scan sales)

Less bundle returns* (Verification Ovato Statement eg: estimates or scan sales)

Less 2-for-1 returns* (Verification Ovato Statement eg: estimates or scan sales)

Less Publishers internal copies (Self-declared, verification may be required).

In addition, the paid subscription number within this total will be declared (As it was in the ABC Audit). This number should include only those subs sent out. Any leftover subs stocks should be counted as publisher copies.

*This applies only to those magazines that are doing bundles (ie mag packs that contain multiple titles) or 2-for-1s.




Circulation data is released Six monthly (with the oldest 6 months of data being replaced by the most recent 6 months of data to provide a new circulation specified rolling 12 months. 


Rolling 12 month (Six Monthly)

H1: 1st April – 31st March

H2: 1st October – 30th September

Geographic filter: New Zealand

Digital Metrics

Digital Metrics

MPA Approved Source


Digital Editions

Each of the methods (single issue sale/download, subscription, and multiple download) of accessing a digital magazine will count as access to one digital editions.

  • Pressreader (App and Newsstand)
  •  Zinio
  • Apple
  • Magzter

Data time period measured: Monthly

Digital Edition numbers are collected on the first Wednesday of the month following.

Geographic filter: Global


Website Unique Users (GA)

Unique users and Unique browsers are the number of individual (non-duplicate) visitors to a site over the course of a specified month. 

Google Analytics (GA)

Data time period measured: Monthly

Website data is collected on the first Wednesday of the month following.

Geographic filter: New Zealand


Email Newsletter Reach 

The measure is designed to determine the total email reach to active subscribers within the specified month.


To avoid audience duplication within the email newsletter channel, the following reach measures will be accepted in the Magazine 360°

  1. The total number of unduplicated active email subscribers for the specified month for the Magazine brand


  1. The total reach of a brands main/largest email database.

This is calculated by the total number of successful recipients of largest email campaign sent in the specified month.

Self-reported by publisher for a specified month.

Publishers are required to provide the MPA with documentation to validate their email newsletters numbers initially.

Data time period measured: Monthly

Email Newsletters numbers are collected on the first Wednesday of the month following.

Geographic Filter: Global

Social Platforms

Facebook reach


Reach is the unduplicated number of individuals who were served content to their newsfeed via a magazine brands main Facebook page.



Data time period measured: Latest 3 month rolling average

Due to the volatility of the monthly (28 days) Facebook reach numbers are calculated by a 3-month rolling average

Geographic filter: New Zealand



A follower is a person who has opted in to receiving social content on their newsfeed.

Instagram followers






Respective platforms

Data time period measured: Monthly


Follower numbers by platform are collected on the first Wednesday of the month following.


Geographic Filter: Global

YouTube Reach


Reach is the unduplicated number of individuals who were served content to their channel.


Geographic Filter: Global

Brand Extensions

Magazine brands have a tradition of creating meaningful audience connections through branded extensions. The Magazine 360° has attempted to capture these by including Events and Branded One Shot Special Editions into the Magazine 360° measure.



Events are measured using the number of ticket purchasers or visitors to an event where the Magazine brand owns or has naming rights to the event


The Magazine Brand offers an opportunity available exclusively through their branded channel.

In the case of exclusive opportunities within a larger event, the magazine brand may claim attendance to that component only.

For events that are not ticketed but are owned, or have naming rights, audience can be measured by foot traffic, turnstile counts, gate clickers and online registration. 

Magazine brand self-reporting.

Publishers must be able to provide supporting data on request that validates their claim.

Publishers provide their numbers monthly and the Magazine 360° calculates the specified rolling 12-month figure

Data time period measured: Specified Rolling 12 months


Geographic filter: New Zealand

Magazine Brand – One shot special editions


A magazine one shot carries the magazine brand of its parent masthead. It is a printed magazine and released as a one-off magazine on a topic/s of interest to the magazine brand audience.

Where a magazine publishes more than one special edition within a 12 month period the number used will be the average

As magazine one-shots aren’t counted in the ABC circulation audited figures the Magazine 360° will allow Magazine Brand One-shots to submit the verified print run through a printer’s statement.

One shot figures can only be included in the Magazine 360° if the Parent Magazine brand is ABC audited.

Data time period measured: Specified Rolling 12 months


Geographic filter: New Zealand

Treatment of Digital Hubs

Treatment of digital hubs, social channels and events 

The Magazine 360° metric is designed to highlight the total reach of a magazine brand across all channels and to be transparent on how different metrics are measured and calculated.

The rules around events, websites and social channels specify there be a clear association with the respective magazine brand to qualify for inclusion in that brand’s metric however, given the developing nature of media this relationship does not have to be by way of a direct masthead match. 


Treatment of digital hubs

The Magazine 360° only allows a magazine print brand to be linked to one website or digital hub. Several magazine brands may fall under one digital hub, where a series of magazines combine to form a single website e.g. Noted which is the digital hub for the Bauer Media current affairs & premium lifestyle brands. Noted has an association with Metro, North & South, The New Zealand Listener and Paperboy. Another example is Homed, which is the digital hub for Stuff's home related brands: NZ House & Garden and NZ Gardener. 


Rules around the treatment of digital hubs

A magazine brand can only use one digital hub or website to calculate the brand Magazine 360° audience


Digital hub or website must have a recognised brand connection with a print masthead

The digital hub or website must have a clear content and market association   with a print magazine brand for it to qualify to be integrated into a total 360 measure. e.g. NZ Marketing Magazine & StopPress or NZ Retail and The Register.


No double counting of digital hubs when calculating Magazine 360° To avoid duplication of digital hub audiences across the Magazine 360° the following rules and calculations apply

  • Total Magazine 360°

The digital hub audience will be used once and not duplicated across all magazine brands associated with it.

  • Publisher

The digital hub will be used once and not duplicated across all magazine brands associated with it.

  • Brand

The digital hub will be used in every individual magazine brand 360° that is associated to the digital hub

  • Category

The digital hub will be used once and not duplicated across all magazine brands associated with it.


Treatment of Social Platforms

As with digital hubs, a magazine brand can only associate itself with one social channel or account per platform Where possible the social platforms report New Zealand only audiences.



In the case of events, they must be properties owned, operated and branded as the magazine; not just an unrelated event occupying the same industry category.


The Magazine 360° allows users to view magazine media audience touchpoints through numerous lenses

  • Total Magazine 360°

 Total audience touchpoints of all participating magazine brands in the Magazine 360°

  • Publisher 360°

 All magazine brands in a publisher stable e.g.  Bauer Media

  • Brand 360°

Individual brand Magazine 360 audience touchpoints e.g. Dish

  • Category 360°

The Magazine 360° has 19 categories. This allow users to select a category e.g. Food and Entertaining to see the total Magazine 360° for the brands in this category.

In the Category 360° the user can do a select and compare with any two brands within the same category.

  • Frequency 360°

Magazine audience touchpoints can be viewed through the different magazine frequencies including digital only.


Note that a digital hub or website can be treated as a digital only brand AND be included with a total Magazine 360° of a print brand as long as it conforms to the association rule above.